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Piping fixtures are designed to allow the flow of fluids and gases to take place efficiently in the system. Flanges are devices that connect piping fixtures of a wide range of shapes and sizes in the system. These devices provide stability and strength to different components in the system. They are designed in different configurations and compositions, giving them superior tolerance and resistance across stress-induced setups.

Stainless Steel Flanges are one of the most sought-after flange types in the industry. These components showcase superior corrosion resistance properties and work well in elevated temperature and pressure applications. The Carbon Steel Flanges are produced with a higher content of carbon, giving them superior strength. These flange types are very affordable and offer a long service life. The versatile Alloy Steel Flanges are constituted of different alloys giving these flanges different features and properties. The flanges of this grade have good corrosion resistance and bolster superior strength and hardness.

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The IBR Flanges are part of the Indian Boiler Regulations that govern the material required to construct flanges that are suited for pressurized boilers and pressure vessel components. These devices are super strong and can withstand corrosive media and toxic affluents. NPT Flanges are often referred to as companion flanges. These flanges contain a female thread on the center of the device that aligns with the male NPT thread. They are designed as per ASME B16.5 specification and are common in reducing connections. Industrial Pipe Flanges are large diameter flanges that are designed in sizes above 26 inches and are not covered by any governing body. These flanges are available in different pressure classes and can be customized as per customer requirements.

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